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Purpose Map. Refine your life strategy.

Map your purpose

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You either put some faith into yourself and the World, or decide that it all pointless.
In any case, life will prove your assumptions were correct. If you commit to your goals, you will reach them. If you ignore goal setting, you will end up precisely nowhere.

Ending up nowhere does not sound like a fun, so let's see what we can do.

First, we can look at the map. Is there a map for a life purpose? Yes it is, it even has a "Nowhere" on the right.

With this map you can find out what is the minimum purpose you got to achieve, and where to look for the Big purpose of your life. It looks like too many things to handle for a regular guy. In fact, it is - you need an upgrade. First, you got to become efficient in problems analysis and solving. There are a whole bunch of techniques http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_solving Some of them applicable for real life situations, not just for business processes. My preference is TRIZ-based Rating Analysis. It works well even in the most obscure and complicate situations and tells immediately how the outcome can be influenced.

Good problems solving leads to more troubles than releaf. Well-solved problem introduces new good stuff. This stuff is good, but new, and it takes a while to get used to it and adjust your life accordingly. It is like moving into new house - exciting, but yuou cannot find anything for a while.

The other problem with good problem solving is inside of you. You might not realize, that your dream is not what you really want until you reach it. It is not such a big deal for most of the people who just sitting in a dreams all their life and quite happy with that. However, as soon as you become able to make any of your dreams come true, be prepared for frustrations.

Previous steps are easy, this one is hard. It takes a lot to learn how to find out what you really need, and to recognize symptoms of inadequacy of means to achieve the goal among random obstacles. You got to see the future ahead of you and see how you will be different, because you will change at that point, and plan the future for the future you, not for the current you. You need to see how your peers evolve, and how the whole system evolve. You got to learn to find a step 1 that will let you do the step 2 that will let you do the step 3. There are few right steps and many wrong ones. Again, you need step 2 for different you, and step 3 for another different you, because you will change. And, again your peers will change, and the system around you will change. Of course, you cannot precisely predict all the details, but all these changes follow the same patterns. Learning this patterns is not easy, but can be done. There are people who already did, and there are people like myself who currently learning from them. I will do my best to explain you what I have already figured out.

The goal of this web site is not just show you your purpose on a map, but to help you achieve it.

Last Updated on Saturday, 27 March 2010 16:30

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