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Purpose Map

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This is purpose map for you and me

There is personal purpose, family purpose, and purpose for the society - for the Country and for the Human Race.

Purpose Map

Why job is in two columns? Becuase it helps you to reach financial security, and it serves current purposes of the Society

Entertainment and wasting of time do not have future purpose. It might look straightfoward, but I had a hard time explaining one dude why he is not doing self-development just by entertaining himself.

How to use this map? Plese use it to find a balance. Do not try to save the World while your kids are starving and your finance are broke (unless there are really no other options), and please contribute to the future needs of the Society whenever you can. There are many ways how you can contribute to the society and yourself at the same time, but please remember - balance it the key, and all the bases shall be covered.

Please forgive me abusing word "Purpose". This is not just a map of yours and mine purpose, it is the map of the goals we shall set to ourself.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 04 March 2010 02:22