Working with others toward your purpose

Saturday, 28 May 2016 23:47 Konstantin Balashov

You have figured out your purpose? Great! Now it’s time to achieve it! Good news is - if your purpose is deserving and respectable, there will be people to lean on. However, there also will be people who will resist it.

Let’s take a closer look. There will be people who will want to do it, but cannot. There will be people who will do it. There will be people who will resist it. What is the difference? They are on a different phase of S-curve:


But these curves are indeed meet in a single point which is “now” - just like that:

Where are the problems?

Guys who want to do might not start any soon, because they don’t know how, have no access to resources, not allowed to. Their S-curve is not ramping up yet.

Guys who are doing might start in the right direction, but sooner or later they will swerve.

And the resisting folks will be putting spoke in your wheels. They are experts, they did things their way before you were born, and who are you to change it?


What can you do about it.

Teach and mentor those who want to do. Provide them with resources. Better yet, give them “social elevators” to make them more efficient on the long run.

Setup “rails” for the guys who are doing to make sure they are working toward your purpose, not their random goals.

Neutralize resisting folks. There are many things you can do. But here is the most efficient strategy. Note, that they are at the end of S-curve. They are overqualified, overpowered with resources, and bored. Give them a new S-curve, i.e., a new goal, a new purpose. It shall not be the S-curve of your purpose - they are already on it. It shall be something totally new for them. Give it to them and make it look attractive, and they will step off your S-curve for good.


Content of this article is inspired by ideas from Pavel Fadeev
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